Street food culture dates back to ancient Greece where people, passionate about food but without the means to open restaurants sold their speciality dishes on the street to the poor who often did not have kitchens or the means to cook at home. So popular and good was this food that the masters would often send their servants to buy this food for them and bring it home.

Fast forward to the 21st century and Street Food Kitchen, drawing inspiration from old and new recipes, have recreated these by using their own passion for good food and come up with this selection of great recipes. Whether born from the streets of Mumbai or the roads of Kolkata these dishes will bring a taste of the Street to your home.


15th MAY 2020

duration: 0:38

When I was approached by "Street Food Kitchen" to make a completely original advert with motion graphics and 2D characters i was extact because it was something I've already wanted to try but never had to means to. This while advert was created within 2 days soley in After Effects. Voiceover done by Channel Pup's Will

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